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We started out as a group of 8 complete strangers from different backgrounds (China, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas).


This is the true story of 8 strangers picked to live in China, work together, and create a website of their summer together to find out what happens when people move to China to do research.



Winston Becker, Bonnie Cao, Mykael Goodsell-Sootho, Olivia Hoang, David Mackanic, Yan Mu,  Robert Rozansky, and Jian Yang.


On the weekdays, we had the amazing opportunity to do research at Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Science Physics Institute, and Nanjing University.  On the weekends, we were able to explore everything China had to offer.


Special thanks to the National Science Foundation, Corning Inc., Clarkson University, and all of our mentors that helped us get to China.

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