ITL Course Credit Options

MP*52 - Internet Teaching Lab Projects - Course Description

In conjunction with Clarkson's Internet Teaching Laboratory, students will participate in projects related to computer networking such as implementing network software, configuring networking hardware, simulating large-scale networks, evaluating and testing computer security, administering the Internet Teaching Laboratory, deploying networked solutions for community members or developing network tutorials for other students. Students will construct web-based portfolios and give oral presentations of their work. Given pass/no pass. By permission of instructor. Offered each semester.

Instructor: Dr. Jeanna Matthews

Available Course Numbers:
  • MP152 (Freshman)
  • MP252 (Sophomore)
  • MP352 (Junior)
  • MP452 (Senior)
  • MP552 (Graduate)

The course is offered as variable credit and is generally taken for 0, 1, 2, or 3 credits at one time. Registering for 0 credits requires attending Networking Club meetings every other week as well as workshops, volunteering 5 hours in the lab, and submitting a webpage describing what you have learned and done for the semester. For 1 to 3 credits, discuss particular project plans with the instructor.

Ways to Contribute to the Lab:
  • Contribute to one of the ongoing projects in the lab
  • Write documentation or HOWTOs for exercises involving ITL hardware or software
  • Capture and analyze interesting traces of network activity
  • Help with the lab build or other lab maintenance activities
    (opportunity to learn valuable system administration tasks)
  • Complete Cisco CCNA training
  • Attend the Networking Club meetings
  • Join one of the IETF working groups
  • Offer a workshop to the ITL members or the campus community
    (e.g. home networking, basic network security, etc.)
  • Monitor the lab (3 hours per week)
  • Represent the ITL at Clarkson Open Houses
Student Web-based Portfolios: