Internet Protocol version 6 Project

Todd Deshane, Patty Jablonski, Sarah Jozefiak, Creigh Long, Scott Mead, Jeff Ward

The goals of this project are to configure an IPv6 network in the Internet Teaching Laboratory, which is connected to the global IPv6 testbeds such as Freenet6 and the 6Bone. With the US government's recent efforts towards pushing the adoption of IPv6 (e.g. the Defense Department's full scale conversion to IPv6), the rate of adoption of IPv6 is gaining. This project will allow us to gain valuable experience with IPv6 that will be of interest to employers in this region such as PAR, Rome Laboratories, and Lockheed Martin. By the end of the semester, we hope to have IPv6 routing to the second Ethernet interfaces on all computers in the ITL.

Introduction Material:
IPv6 And NAT slides
  • Dual Stack
  • Tunneling
  • Translation
IPv6 Information:
IPv6 Information Page
IPv6 Accessible Sites
IPv6 Forum |  IPv6 News
Native6 |  IPv6 Task Force
US IPv6 Summit
IPv6 Ready Program
IPng IETF Working Group
Understanding IPv6

IPv6 RFCs:
DHCP For IPv6 RFC 3315
IPv6 Tunnel Broker RFC
Neighbor Discovery RFC
IPv6 Via IPv4 RFC 3056
IPv6 Addresses RFC 2471
6bone Phaseout RFC 3701

Freenet6 Account:
Freenet6 IPv6 Access
  • 6Bone addresses: 3FFE:
  • Freenet6 addresses: 2001:
All about "6to4":
Public 6to4 Routers
Getting Connected With 6to4
  • /48 IPv6 address
  • 80 bits of address space
  • 2002: prefix on IPv4 address
  • FE80: prefix for ISATAP
Convert IPv4 To IPv6 Addresses

Command Line:
  • UNIX: ipv6calc, tun
  • Windows XP: ipv6 install
  • IPv6 Applications:
    • ping6, telnet6
    • traceroute6, tracert6
    • ssh, mozilla

IPv6 Tunnel Brokers:
6Bone Testbed
Hexago |  Freenet6
Hurricane Electric
SixXS (Six Access)
IPng Tunnel Provider

IPv6 Projects:
Moonv6 |  6TAP |  6NET
Deep Space 6 |  KAME
BT Exact |  AERAsec
Microsoft |  Teredo
Miredo (For Linux)
European Projects

Installing IPv6:
How To Install IPv6
Implement Tunneling
Implement IPv6 Testbed
IPv6 - Getting Started
Configuring For IPv6
Set Up IPv6 In One Hour
Building An IPv6 Server
Tunneling Linux Routers

Radvd |  Radvd FAQ
Radvd/IPv6 Problem
Router Advertisement Daemon

DHCPv6 On Sourceforge
Dibbler - Portable DHCPv6

Project Demos:
Command Line Demo
IPv6 With Freenet6 Trace
Project Documentation
Address Autoconfiguration
IPv6 Final Presentation

Project Status:
February 1, 2005
February 2, 2005
February 8, 2005
February 22, 2005
March 2, 2005
March 8, 2005
March 29, 2005
April 5, 2005
April 6, 2005
April 19, 2005