BGP Data Analysis Project

BGP Data Analysis


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This project was initiated by Dr. Jeanna Matthews of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Clarkson University. Todd Deshane, a Computer Science graduate student at Clarkson, is doing work on this project to fulfill requirements towards his Masters Degree. In the Summer of 2003, three Ronald E. McNair Scholars , Agbeko Komla, Kwadwo Ofori and Renle Xia, made excellent contributions to this project as well.


The goal of this project is to examine the stability of routes in the Internet. One would expect the routes between autonomous systems in the Internet to be fairly stable (consider how often should Clarkson be advertising new routes or withdrawing available routes). However there is data to suggest that there is a significant amount of instability in these routes (often due to router misconfiguration).


To better understand Internet instability, we have read, and will continue to read, published literature on the stability of BGP routes in the Internet and repeat measurements on as much publicly available route information as we can find to determine if conclusions hold over a wider data set. In the process, we will assemble a very useful collection of BGP route data and develop an easy to use web interface.


In the summer of 2003, we set out to familiarize ourselves with the format of publicly available data sets, establish an SQL database server to house this data, and finally to write a web front end to this data in order to query and analyze the data.

Below is a list of related projects that we are aware of. If you have or know about related projects feel free to contact us.

BGP Related Projects


Below is a list of papers that are vital to understanding the content and significance of this project. Kai-Wen Chung and San-Yiu Cheng's BGP Data Analysis outlines their project in which they made an initial attempt at implementing a database to store BGP data (We based our database on their second design). James Lu's Masters Thesis, Internet Inefficiencies and Instability, was also an important stepping stone.

Special Interest Group on Data Communications (SIGCOMM) Papers

McNair Scholars

In 1986, congress and the McNair family provided funding for the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program in recognition of the service and accomplishments of Ronald Erwin McNair, Ph.D., a laser physicist and NASA astronaut who lost his life in the ill-fated Challenger accident in January of that year.

There are 156 universities that offer McNair Programs across the country. Each program honors his memory and his dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge and personal excellence. UIC

In the Summer of 2003, we were lucky enough to have three McNair scholars work on this project with us.


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    The McNair Scholars worked on this project for 7 weeks. Below is an overview of their assignments

    McNair Deliverables

    Database Implementation

    Our current database.

    Source Code

    Perl script used to insert BGP data into our database.
    MySQL script to create the tables for our database.

    Current Results

    Current/Future Work

    When working on a large project it is important to work steadily and efficiently, but in the back of your mind you must have perspective. Where is the project going? What are some of our ultimate goals? What would we have done if we only had more time? Graduate student Todd Deshane, after working along the McNair scholars for 7 weeks, had a rare opportunity. Unlike many others who have done work on a project and were forced to move on because of time contraints, he could take some time to reflect on the future work that he and the McNair Scholars wanted to do. Below is a list of future work, much of which is bound to end up in our results section.

    Implementation Details

    This section is probably not for the casual viewer. Below are the links to the code, our database designs and other work with have done (mistakes included) so that those who come after us should realize, just as those before us have warned, that it is important to always plan ahead and learn from the mistakes of others as well as your own mistakes. Humbly we present you:

    Useful Links

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    Jeanna Matthews