HP 200/201 Student Projects

Clarkson Honors Program
The Adventures of Verplanck Colvin
This project is an interactive book that tells the exciting story of Verplanck Colvin, and his various trips throughout the Adirondack Park. His adventures resulted in not only the most comprehensive survey of the Adirondack region at the time, but also influenced the state government to officially recognize the park. Attention brought to the park by Colvin started the movement to preserve the various wonders that it contained.

Battle to the US Supreme Court: The Panther Dam Controversy
Black River Regulating District put forward a proposal for nine new reservoirs, some of which called for the flooding of land located in the Forest Preserve. The reservoir that created the most controversy was the one proposed at Panther Mountain, which would have flooded 5000 acres of land. This proposal set forth a series of protests, laws and amendments to determine the rights to the land and protect the Adirondacks. The project covers the people, locations and events involved in leading this controversy all the way to the United States' Supreme Court.

Your Adventure Awaits: Exploring the Great Camps of the Adirondacks
This website provides a method for users to learn about the Great Camps in the Adirondacks at their own pace, using two different interactive exhibits. The first exhibit displayed is a map of the Great Camps with a short description of each one. The second part of the project is an interactive Great Camp tour. This part involves taking the user through a variety of images of different rooms in the Great Camps. We hoped to have a broad range of audience for our exhibit that any generation can find interesting.

Transportation in the Adirondacks
The purpose of our exhibit will be to provide the user with a history of transportation in the Adirondacks via an interactive map. We plan to deliver information primarily in a narrative fashion, following a person as they journey across the Adirondacks and journal their experiences. By creating a narrative style project following a real (or at least realistic) person we hope to convey to users the importance of transportation in the development of the Adirondack Park and lifestyle.

Skiing in the Adirondacks
An online exhibit discussing the history and development of skiing in the Adirondack region. The exhibit features an interactive map containing current skiing locations and a brief description of each.

The 46 Adirondack High Peaks
The underlying story of how they became the 46 High Peaks, their significance in history, and what they are known for today."

The Adirondacks and You: Where do you Fit IN?
We created an interactive web exhibit in order to spark interest in the Adirondack region and the Adirondack Museum. The first aspect of our website is an overlay map that places a blue outline of the Adirondack Park over the userís location. The second part of our website contains many different historical and geographical facts about the Adirondack Mountains.