My name is Kyle Pedersen and due to administrative reasons (won't pay for <19 credit hours) I am enrolled for 0 credits in MP251 in spite of contributions that would justify more.

This semester I have attended most Forums and Lightning talks, except when other courses or commitments conflicted

In addition I helped construct the Box Fort (COSI theme housing) as well as a number of improvements (on which I gave a lightning talk), participated in the rewiring and restructuring of the server room and helped Christian Mesh with Orwell (his port of Zabbix).

In addition I also maintain Report (the VM running Zabbix) and am taking over Atlas ( the machine that PXE boots the ITL) as well as maintaining the ITL Lab build next year.

I intend to debug the python script that reads temperatures on Mirror and is polled by the Zabbix server, work on Orwell with Christian, as well as learn about Atlas in greater detail before the semester is over.