Andrew Lindsay

Game Engine

Project Description

   My engine is a two dimensional platformer engine written in C++ using OpenGL, and the SOIL library. This engine was started as a side project while taking Game Design and Computer Graphics due to wanting to do more than was within the scope of the class.


   I have decided to make my project open source. The source is under Github for version control and the source is available at:
The project supports x86 and x64 on both Windows and Linux.


   Builds are available via the Visual Studio solution file included in the Source directory. Open the solution and select one of the four configurations, the options are Debug and Release for both x86 and x64.


   Builds use the gnu make system. To compile on Linux there are a few libraries required, these dependencies are currently being moved into the project itself so that the source for the third party libraries can be compiled locally. After these dependencies have been resolved simply cd into the Source directory and run a make.



In Progress

Future Plans

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