Spring 2013 - Andrew Potter

COSI lab build/workshops

Purpose: Proof of concept, set up all lab machines to boot off of the network. This is acheived through using PXE (pixie) to pull the kernel and initramfs off of mirror. The arguments to the ramfs set up an NBD share drive as the filesystem for "/", and completes the boot using the NBD filesystem. The NBD server is set up "copy on write"(COW), so that any changes made to the image are stored in RAM (and a .diff file on the server), instead of written to the image. This allows us to have a build that refreshes on reboot, so the user is given root access (through sudo) at all times. Updating the lab build is as simple as booting one machine with a special image and making changes once.

Server (Tinkerbell)


Workshop (in progress)