My name is Mick Tarsel and I am a Junior at Clarkson University expecting to graduate 2015 studying Computer Science. I am receiving 3 credits this semester for teaching a class on the Django Web Framework. After much discussion about a class that required students to design a large web application I decided to offer this class to students in order to give them a little experience of one of the many web frameworks available.

COSI Presentation

Prerequisites: Links:
Official Django Documentation
Two Scoops of Django
Code from class
Django Book
Note: Django book references Django Version 1.1 so these conventions are older. I am including this link as a reference for more examples.

To teach students basic Python, a deep understanding of the Django Web Framework, and basic understanding of git version control.


Installation and Setup

MTV and the Django Shell

Starting a Project and Github

Controllers, Views, URLs

Templates and Dynamic Content

Models and Databases

Login and User Objects

Admin Panel


Deploying Django

Security with Django