My name is Kyle Pederen and I am taking MP151 for one credit this semester.

This semester I have learned a lot from my time in the cslabs.

I worked with christian to implement Zabbix at report.cslabs.clarkson.edu/zabbix, which monitors various parameters on a number of machines, and am in the process of debugging temperature monitoring on mirror. After this the relevant docs will be updated.

I've also learned a number of features in vim and been converted from nano, and plan on learning LaTeX to vastly simplify writing Calc papers next semester and more generally in the future.

I've also been involved in the rewiring of the Unisis and IBM racks, as well as the selection of new UPSes for the lab. And their setup and implementation.

I've worked with christian on atlas and the Linux side of the lab build, and the details of how a ram fs and a network share act as one mount point and file system.

I also worked on the installation of the cable tray in the server room.

I also experimented with the Cisco networking equipment in the ITL side of the server room for a short time.