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This project was done for 1 credit for the Clarkson Open Source Institute. My project is an Android VNC client and Java VNC server. Using socket programming to send input from client to server and display the server's screen on the client.

Android junk
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slightly completed
Currently can send/process mouse movement and mouse left click as well as connect to the two sockets I have open for input and eventually for displaying the server screen. Can now send packets containng pixel data; 10 bits for x-cord, 10bits for y-cord, and 12 bits for RGB color. There are still problems handling this data on client side, converts every pixel it receives to black.

Differences from standard VNC
The standard uses TCP to send display data, I'm going to try and stream it like video. Inputs aren't encoded on mine yet and are handled differently. Screen info is gathered differently by server.

Still left TODO
Both server and client need to handle display better. Authentication. server needs expansion to handle more inputs. handle client/server disconnects. upgrade client to be capable of more advanced inputs, keyboard and shortcuts goal is to have it like "Easy Stroke". Hundreds of bug fixes and other junk. Client UI upgrades

Source and documents

Droid client src
Input Server src
Droid input pic

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