Things I've Done

Joe Brown

Semester 1

Installing Linux on Personal Laptop

This was supposed to be a small project which quickly turned into an uphill struggle. It turns out that Toshiba Satellite laptops do not always play well with linux. After a week and a half of boing in the labs nonstop we had it working, but that was not without several hurdles. In the end I had installed linux about 12 times with about 5 different distributions.

I have to thank Christian and Eric lots for this, but I have used Windows for about five hours in the couple months since linux graced this machine. After everythign else failed, after learning how to build a custom kernel, we ended up with Fedora. Fedora worked out of the box (mostly), and has continued to work (somewhat) well since then

Maintaining a Minecraft Server

A handful of people on my floor in the dorms wanted to run a Minecraft server, and they were doing it off their personal laptops which only went so well. It happened to be that there was an un-used blade in the labs which was perfect for running a Minecraft server. Christian and I got it set up and it has been running for about a month now with moderate usage.

Attended the Workshop on Rust

I cannot say that I would use rust as a language of choice in my day to day work, but it had many promising features. I am very interested in where it will end up with the amount of development that has been going into it.