MA339: Applied Linear Algebra

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Scott R. Fulton (367 Science Center, 268-2379,, office hours)

Fall 2013:

In Fall 2013 this course meets 2:00-2:50pm in SC160 (starting Monday 26 August). The primary website for this course will be on Moodle. Check there for announcements, assignments, etc.

The textbook will be Linear Algebra and its Applications (fourth edition) by David C. Lay (Pearson/Addison Wesley, 2012, ISBN-10: 0321385179, ISBN-13: 9780321385178). This is the same textbook as used in recent semesters at Clarkson, including Spring 2013.

There is also a Study Guide available, containing additional information that many students find helpful: more detailed problem solutions, comments on the reading, hints about how to simplify some of the calculations, answers (almost!) to the true/false questions (which will play an important role in the class--in homework, quizzes, and exams), reviews of all of the key concepts, etc. Since the bookstore was able to bundle this with the text at no cost (actually, it came out $1.25 less), I've asked them to do this. If you buy the textbook elsewhere, you don't need to buy the Study Guide---but if you can pick up a copy, I think you'll find it helpful.

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