MA339: Applied Linear Algebra

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Scott R. Fulton (367 Science Center, 268-2379,, office hours)

Spring 2016:

The textbook for MA339 will be Linear Algebra and its Applications (fifth edition) by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay, and Judi J. McDonald. The course will utilize MyMathLab, an online system created by the textbook publisher, Pearson Education. MyMathLab (this is not Matlab) includes access to the full textbook (online), online homework (which will be required), and extensive online help. You must purchase your own access code for MyMathLab for this course. You may buy this with or without a printed copy of the textbook as follows (listed in order of increasing price): All of these options will be available at the University Bookstore; other sources may have lower prices, but be sure you're getting the correct item.

If you buy the access code only but want a printed textbook at the lowest possible cost, you could pick up a copy of either the fourth or third edition (new or used) at potentially lower cost. These editions have essentially the same text (at least in the chapters we will cover) and thus will be fine for studying; you'll still have access to the exercises from the fifth edition (which are different) via MyMathLab.

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