MA321: Advanced Calculus I

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What is Advanced Calculus?

Advanced Calculus is a rigorous, proof-based course in one-variable calculus. The emphasis here is on proof: we will go back to the beginning (real numbers, limits, continuity, etc.) and prove all of the important parts of freshman calculus. This means that most of the homework and exams will center on writing proofs. This is a central course for mathematics majors, and is aimed at providing some of the background (not all!) needed to succeed in a graduate program in mathematics. Many math majors find this to be the hardest math course they take (not that I plan to make it unreasonably difficult!).

For students who are not (yet?) math majors: If you've taken MA211-Foundations (or the equivalent course MA346), liked writing proofs, and like mathematics and precise thought, you should be OK, and you'll be more than welcome in the course. Incidentally, in that case you may want to consider adding mathematics as a second major. On the other hand, if you chose this class as just one more math elective (perhaps looking toward a math minor), it may not be the best choice. Other choices which might be better include MA377-Numerical Methods or MA381-Probability (in the fall), or MA363-Math Modeling, MA331-Fourier Series and BVPs, or MA332-Intermediate DEs (in the spring).

Fall 2013:

In Fall 2013 this course meets 10:00-10:50am in SC346 (starting Monday 26 August). The primary website for this course will be on Moodle. Check there for announcements, assignments, etc.

The textbook for this course will be Introduction to Real Analysis (second edition, 2001) by Manfred Stoll, published by Addison-Wesley Higher Mathematics (ISBN-10: 0321046250, ISBN-13: 9780321046253). You can find this book at:

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