MA211: Foundations

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MA211-Foundations is a required course for math, applied math, computer science, and software engineering majors (also computer science minors), so we need to reserve seats for them first. If at the end of the enrollment period there are seats left then you may register for the course.

However, if all you're looking for is a course to complete the math minor, there are other choices which may be better options. MA211 is basically a course in writing mathematical proofs, and as such requires you to do a lot of just that: writing proofs. LOTS of proofs. MA211 is a pre- or co-requisite for upper-division theoretical mathematics and computer science courses (such as MA311, MA313, MA314, MA321, MA322, and CS344, CS345, CS447, CS456) which require reading and writing mathematical proofs. Many students whose interest isn't in math (and proofs) find MA211 difficult.

Fall 2015 courses which might be better for a math minor (in rough order from "probably useful" to "maybe not such a good choice"):

Spring 2016 courses (tentative) which might be better for a math minor:

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