CS444/544: Operating Systems

Lab Syllabus

Spring 2015

Lab Instructor

TA: Hao Jiang
E-mail: hajiang@clarkson.edu
Office: SC 334/336
Office Hours: Tuesday: 3 PM to 5 PM , Thursday 3 PM to 5 PM

Lab Guidelines

TA Regulations

Academic Integrity

Userful Commands

In this class, students will frequently use polaris to upload the assignments. The credentials for polaris should be the same with your clarkson email account and password. If you get access denied to polaris, don't hesitate to go to OIT or helpdesk for help.

Polaris behaves as a remote linux machine. Inside polaris, we are maintaining a class directory cs444/sp15/ to store OS assignments. Each assignment is a separate directory ASSIGNMENT_NAME/ ( a placehold for the real assignment name). Your assignment should be uploaded to your own directory, the same name as your clarkson id. You won't have permissions to other students' directories. You have write permissons to each assignment directory before its due time. You will only read permissons after the due.

Below are the common commands you may use in this class:

Log into Polaris

ssh your_clarkson_id@polaris.clarkson.edu

for example: ssh hajiang@polaris.clarkson.edu

Change to your lab directory

cd /afs/cu/class/cs444/sp15/ASSIGNMENT_NAME/your_clarkson_id

for example: cd /afs/cu/class/cs444/sp15/lab1/hajiang/

Upload your assignment

scp your_file your_clarkson_id@polaris.clarkson.edu:/afs/cu/class/cs444/sp15/your_clarkson_id/assignments

for example: scp yourcode.txt hajiang@polaris.clarkson.edu:/afs/cu/class/cs444/sp15/hajiang/attendance

If you want to upload a sub-directory, you need to add option "-r" in the scp command.But don't wrap all your files in a directory and then just upload one directory into your class directory.Please upload all your files plus subdirectory directly. Thanks.

Submission Tips

Lab Schedule

Warning: This schedule is tentative and will change as the semester progresses!

Date Topic Notes/Assignments Deadline
Jan 23 Build your own shell Link Feb 20
Jan 30 System Monitoring Link Feb 06
Feb 06 Virtualization Virtual Box
Feb 20 Add System Call In Class
Feb 27 Lock Granularity Lock Granularity Mar 06
Feb 27 User-level File System User-level file system Mar 27
Mar 06 Set up software RAID
More UFS
Mar 13
Mar 13 Synchronization: Barber Shop Barber Shop Problem Apr 3
Mar 27 Intro to Linux Scheduler Linux Source Code Cross-Ref
Linux Scheduler Intro
In Class
Apr 3 Multi-Thread Programming Link Apr 24
Apr 10 Implement a LRU cache Link In class
Apr 17 Implement a multi-layer storage Link In class

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