ME 591 Nano/Micro-Scale Systems Engineering
(ST in Materials Engineering)

Time: Tu-Th 1:00-2:15pm Place: Rowley 244

Course Catalog Data for ME 591: Fundamental concepts and techniques used in design and fabrication of nano/micro-systems are introduced from an engineering perspective. Engineered micro-scale systems are compared with meso-scale systems and their mechanical, electrical, and optical properties are discussed. In addition to nano/micro-physics needed for design and analysis, commonly used fabrication and manufacture processes and techniques are included. Testing, verification and metrology methods employed in nano/micro-systems and nano-structured materials are covered and discussed. Course has a hands-on component in which students design, analyze, build and test micro-mechanical systems at the Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF) at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The course is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (Award Number: 0836640).

Prerequisites: Juniors/Seniors and graduate students. Enrollment limited. Consent of instructor is required. Contact instructor.

Instructor: Prof. Çetinkaya , Dept of Mech. and Aero Engineering,, CAMP 241, 268-6514.

Rotational Sensor Disks

Rotational Sensor Disks Fabricated at Cornell Nanofabrication Facilities (CNF) at Ithaca, NY.

ME591 Students

ME591 Students in Hands-on Training at CNF (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY).